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From Yard To Garden

As much as I expanded my garden over the past several months, I still ran out of room. The solution? Turn an unused part of the backyard into garden. The problem is that this unused part of the yard is … Continue reading

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What’s In The Garden Now? June 1, 2016

I’m always interested in hearing what others are growing in their gardens, so this post is about what is in my garden now. But first, a note about what my priorities are and how I choose what to grow: Sustainability … Continue reading

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Getting To Know The Scuffle Hoe

My cousin introduced me to the Scuffle Hoe, and I’m grateful that he did. The Scuffle Hoe is a rather specialized tool. It does an excellent job of getting rid of small, just-emerging weeds in loose soil. The sandy soil … Continue reading

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Peaches in Florida

Until quite recently, the idea of successfully growing peaches here in north central Florida was little more than a dream. New varieties have made that a reality. The photo of the peach shown above was taken today (May 10, 2016). … Continue reading

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One Thing Leads to Another

It’s been quite a while since I have added a new post here. It’s been far too long, so here’s a quick overview of what we have been doing for the past few months. I’ll be posting details of these … Continue reading

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Garden Experiments

If you’ve been growing your own food for any length of time, you already know that there is a whole lot more to it than putting seeds in the dirt and waiting for harvest time. Those who buy a can … Continue reading

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Seed Handling

When planting large seeds, such as squash, pumpkin, beans, etc., it’s easy to just grab a small handful of seeds and set them in the soil. If you’re using a row planter, it picks up one seed at a time … Continue reading

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A Different Way to Start Seeds

My standard method of starting seeds has been to use soil blocks – a molded block of soil with no container to keep it together. I have excellent results with them, but they tend to be rather fragile and require … Continue reading

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A Mini-Mint Garden

A sprig of fresh mint in a tall class of sweet iced tea is a Southern classic. The Survival Mom recently posted a link on Facebook about the many uses of peppermint. I have grown several types of mint in … Continue reading

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Seminole Pumpkin Follow-up

This is a followup to a post from July 4, 2012. I’ll start with the relevant text from the original post: Experimentation is the key to successful gardening. What grows in your area? What part of your area is best … Continue reading

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