These are links to blogs and web sites that have a close connection to Southern Agrarianism. I try to keep the list trimmed down to only those that I or my wife have personally found helpful. If you know of a link that might be a good fit here, please use the Contact page and let me know.

Center for Rural Affairs
Family Farm Coalition
Family Farm Defenders, Inc.
Southern Sustainable Ag.
The Livestock Conservancy

Ball Canning – Ball jars are a universal standard for canning
Food In Jars – Beyond the basics, more like the canning chef
Food Preservation – Univ. of Georgia
Simply Canning – Sharon Peterson’s canning site
Food shelf life

American Working Farm Collie
Drill your own well – How-to videos on drilling your own well
Farm Dreams – A social network focused on homesteading and sustainable farming
Farming Magazine – Agrarian living and farming.
Florida Survival Gardening
Grit – Rural American Know-how. For more than 125 years, Grit has helped its readers live more prosperously and happily while emphasizing the importance of community and a rural lifestyle tradition.
Heirloom Girl Blog A joy to see, also fits under Lifestyle category
Chicken Breeds – The A-Z of Chicken Breeds and Choosing the Perfect One
Homestead Revival – Journey Back to The Farm
Milk and Honey Farm
Old Time Scotch Collie Assoc.
Old Time Farm Shepherd Dogs
Redeeming The Dirt – Encouraging Born Again Farmers
The Midland Agrarian – A journal of Agrarian thought and life from Western Pennsylvania.
Water Well Helpline – A do-it-yourself approach to putting in a simple shallow well.

A Handbook on Southern Manners
A Wise Woman Builds Her Home
Charm of The Carolines
Chivalry Today – The Southern Gentleman is all about chivalry
Domestic Felicity – Family, Marriage, Womanhood, A Simple Life at Home
Etiquette with Miss Janice – Social Graces, Southern Style
Game and Garden – Stacy Harris
Home Living – Lady Lydia
Raising Homemakers – Advice on raising daughters as Christian Southern ladies
Reformation Acres
Rural Reversion blog
Southern Hospitality
Southland Trad
Teaching Good Things – A Home Schooling resource
The Subtle Details – Family, faith, friendship, traditions, food, heritage, and those simple pleasures not found for purchase in any store

Homestead Preparedness
Organic Prepper
The prepared family
Whispers from Elizabeth – a focus on non-electric cooking
Every Needful Thing – a monthly newsletter from Sun Oven
The Survival Gardener – Lots of great material here, and his books are on the “Must Read” list.

Southern Agrarianism and General Culture
Agrarian Society – Articles, current events, and a forum on Southern Agrarianism
The Abbeville Institute – What is true and valuable in the Southern tradition
The Deliberate Agrarian – A lot of wisdom packed into this well-written blog edited by Herrick Kimball.
Agrarian Nation – Agrarianism from a Northern perspective. Another great site by Herrick Kimball.
Anglophilic Anglican -“Honour all men. Love the brotherhood. Fear God. Honour the king.” – 1 Peter 2:17 KJV
The Free Magnolia – The Voice of Southern Life and Culture
Men of The West – Defending Western Civilization
Southern Revivalism – The preservation and revival of the South’s people, culture, heritage, identity, and way of life

Homestead Community Post
Ole South Books
The Victorian Trading Company
Water Buck pumps
The Armadillo Trap company – Finally, a system that works! I have a friend who has caught 60 armadillos using these traps. I’ve caught 2 in less than 48 hours.
Easy Digging – High quality hand tools for the garden
Hoss Tools – The Hoss wheel hoe is a classic (the most-used tool in my tool shed). This and many more high quality tools for your garden.

Farms, Ranches, and Suppliers of Livestock
Falster Farm – Sustainable Ranchers of Pure Bred Cattle in Miniature, Wood County, Texas

Doesn’t fit anywhere else, but important topics
Afro-Traditionalist – an articulate voice advocating for Blacks as a nation – New Right and Neo-Reaction – the thought provoking writing of Brett Stevens: an early leader in the Alt-Right movement.
Anglophilic Anglican – “Honour all men. Love the brotherhood. Fear God. Honour the king.” – 1 Peter 2:17 KJV