3rdNationalFlag_IMG_7465_crThe Confederate flag has been abused and desecrated not only by those who hate The South, but increasingly by well-meaning Southerners. The Code of Confederate Flag Etiquette is designed as a guide for those who respect The South. If Southerners will not respect the Confederate flag, then how can we expect others to respect it?

It is our hope that this Code of Confederate Flag Etiquette will be adopted by Southern organizations and individuals as a guide to respecting and honoring the symbols of our beloved South and those who sacrificed and died to defend her.

This document is copyrighted in order to preserve its integrity, assure that there is a single recognized Code of Confederate Flag Etiquette, and to control revisions. It is licensed using the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 unported license. You are free to copy, distribute, share, remix, and adapt it for commercial or non-commercial purposes. The only requirement is that attribution be included; this means that a link must be included to www.southernagrarian.com . It is our intention that this Code be used and distributed as widely as possible. You are encouraged to download the PDF document and add it to your own web site – or simply provide a link to it here. If you have a specific use that you feel may not be covered by the license, please use the Contact form and I will do whatever I can to help get it widely distributed. Thank you for your understanding.

If you have comments or suggestions for amending the Code, please use the Contact form. Suggestions will be reviewed by a group of advisers and a decision will be made by that group. As the copyright holder, my role is that of administrator and custodian – neither I, nor anyone else, “owns” this Code of Confederate Flag Etiquette. It deals with a part of our Southern heritage, so it cannot be “owned” by anyone.

The Code of Confederate Flag Etiquette
was adopted by the Military Order of The Stars and Bars in July 2011. If you would like to add your organization to a list of those who formally adopt this Code as the recognized standard for the use of the Confederate flag, please use the Contact form for details. Adoption of this Code does not, in any way, imply agreement or endorsement of anything else on this web site or anyone associated with it or with any other group or organization that adopts it.

Click here to download The Code of Confederate Flag Etiquette (PDF doc).