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Confederate Jasmine – The Sweet Smell of The South

Spring time in The South means many different thing – Azaleas in bloom is certainly one of most visually pleasing parts of Spring, but when it comes to the sense of smell, nothing beats the fragrance of Confederate Jasmine.

I don’t have the vocabulary of one who deals with fragrances, so I will have to resort to saying that it is simply beautiful. We have hundreds of feet of fence covered with Confederate Jasmine, and trees that are close to the fence become covered with it also. In the early morning and late evening when the air is still, the sweet small of Confederate Jasmine seems to be everywhere. It’s just another reason why I am so grateful to call The South my home.

Confederate Jasmine covers the fence surrounding our property.

In the Spring, Confederate Jasmine is covered with these small white flowers that have the sweetest fragrence.

The bees are always at work when the Confederate Jasmine is in bloom.

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  1. Mattexian

    What I love, and associate most with the South, is the smell of Magnolia blossoms in the spring. That lemony sweetness sums it all up for me.

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