Southern Agrarianism and the culture of the Old South

Cultural Barricades and Uniforms

We are in a culture war that most do not yet recognize, and we need to build cultural barricades to clearly mark the battle lines. Agrarians on one side, Urbanites on the other side – or alt-right/antifa, or White/non-White, or Left wing/Right wing, or Christian/Other, or any number of other descriptions. If you believe in something, if you cherish something, then stand up and be counted. Don’t be among the non-descript mass of mediocrity that defines middle of the road ambivalence. We are being intentionally divided by Globalists using the “divide and conquer” plan. We don’t have to like it, but trying to stop it is like trying to stop the tides. We need to understand and adapt.

Cultural barricades are social uniforms that identify who a person is and what they believe.

In The Bible, God gave all sorts of commandments to the Hebrew people for no apparent reason other than to clearly set them apart from all others. We should learn from that and do the same.

In Thomas Chittum’s book, Civil War II, he discusses barricades:

“When rioters erect barricades, they’re taking an important step, consciously or unconsciously, towards creating a new nation, however small or temporary. These barricades are boundaries. They proclaim that all on one side are of the same tribe, and that all on the other side are foreigners…After these physical barricades are torn down by the police, the barricades still remain in the hearts and minds of those who erected them…”

Let’s look at two cultural barricades and how we build them:

Language of The Left
I clearly remember being in a store in about 1970 and hearing a man shouting to someone and using profanity. He had a very thick Yankee accent. It was a shock. Not because I had never heard those words before, but because one never heard it in public. To use profanity was something to be ashamed of for not having the self-control to prevent it or the good breeding to know it is wrong. Now, it is so commonplace that it is almost unnoticed. Almost.

Profanity is the language of the Left. It became popular with the urban thug culture, so of course it became normal language for Hollywood-types, then it was copied by the larger population of urbanites and others on the Left. With no fear of God and no sense of decency or civility, it became acceptable. What is really disappointing now is that some on the Right are copying Leftist behavior. Profanity in both speech and writing are becoming the new norm. Perhaps it is a youthful desire to feel “edgy” and defy social norms. No matter the cause, it identifies a person with Urban Leftist social norms. Choose which side you are on.

Pants worn so low that underwear is showing has become a cliche to describe Black culture. Add to that, “hoodies”, ball caps worn sideways or backwards, and worn indoors showing a disregard for basic Occidental etiquette. Don’t wear the uniform of the urban Left unless you are part of the urban Left.

Take your pick. Choose a side. Your social uniform is the language you use and the clothing you wear. It tells others who you are, what you believe, what you are fighting for, whether you can be trusted, whether you are friend or foe.

Choose your side, then choose your uniform. Wear it carefully. Build cultural barricades.


  1. Stella Bell

    Well said as is usual.
    I personally find my language is targeted, by that I mean, I change up depending on the intelligence of the person with whom I am speaking.
    We have been in a slow slide downward, as has happened to other civilizations, gone past.
    It will come back in its time. Hopefully better with God firmly established .

  2. Max L Waldrop Jr

    Completely on target my Brother! “We” do not have to assume behaviors of “today” to fit in. We do have to do our best to follow the LORD’S COMMANDMENTS and the examples that HIS SON exemplified in his discussions with ALL people. Our choice is simple in all reality. Compromise or “adjustments” are not required; however, we can seek in a polite and civil manner to refute the behavior and show the better course of action, decision making, and societal norms as taught by CHRIST, who knows each and every one of us better than we know ourselves. Stay the course as much as is humanly possible …. not all is lost, as we are charged with the sowing and the results may or may not be seen in our lifetime. Great viewpoint and keep them coming sir!

  3. NikkiL

    In college I studied the concept of clothing as communication. It always amazes me how people rigidly adhere to a “uniform” while apparently unaware that they are communicating more with their clothing than their mouths. Whether it’s the biker’s leathers, the trophy wife and her designer bags, or the “old money” restrained preppy, each announces to the world who you are and more importantly who you aspire to be. It’s critical to identifying with your tribe.

  4. Joe Putnam

    Good points Stephen. I am 38, but have seen a major increase in public profanity in my adult lifetime. My mother, age 73, informs me that such language was just not heard, in public or in her home, when she was growing up. I can only assume that profanity was even less common in 1752 Virginia than in 2022 America!

  5. Redrighthand

    Interesting post about something I’ve been conscious of for years, and something Traditionalists don’t seem to discuss.
    Beards, black-rimmed eyeglasses, tattoos, Nike/sportsball junk, the “broccoli head” hairstyle affecting the afro (mostly a White and Latino teenager/kid thing). Kool-Aid hair on women. These all say either “I’m a Lib, too, Comrade”, or “I’m unaware of any ‘culture war'”.
    I’ve recently returned to my pre-teen roots and gone country with boot cut Wranglers and western shirts or plain t-shirts. My wife buzzes my hair and our son’s at home. No facial hair.
    Go now and check out the images on Wrangler’s website to those on just about any other current American clothing retailer, i.e. Levi Strauss.

  6. Jeb

    I always said secession should happen along city vs town lines. Urban America can go their own way or we can go ours.

    Here in the center of Yankeedom in Vermont, it stands out when you don’t use foul language, and people do take notice.

  7. Douglas Helms

    Well said brother. It is a constant struggle to preserve the culture of the Old South, and as more people move down here the harder it becomes.

  8. Fugitive Agrarian

    Though it’s a truism that to err is human, the best followers still make good leaders. I want to be behind THE man who’s behind the man who’s behind the man. Fight we must. Fight we will. Wear the uniform and fly the flag: both imply there ain’t lone rangers in the war or these skirmishes.

    The ole reformation hymn says is well enough for me:

    Did we in our own strength confide
    Our striving would be losing.
    We’re not the right man on our side,
    The man of God own choosing.
    Dost ask who that may be?
    Christ Jesus, it is he.
    Lord Sabaoth, his name.
    From age to age the same.
    And he must win the battle. “

    Doctor (without resorting to plagiarizing) Martin Luther 1529

  9. Dennis L. Peterson

    Excellent article! The language and uniform, as you term them, of the Left certainly do fly in the face of everything the Agrarian lifestyle teaches and promotes: civility. They are like a flag, symbolizing who one is, what he stands for, and where he wants to take the entire society. Thanks for point out these simple truths that so few now seem to recognize.

  10. Stephen Clay McGehee

    Let me, once again, say “Thank you” for supporting The Southern Agrarian by leaving your comments. That feedback is what keeps this going – not ads, not donations, not any sort of material support, and that’s exactly the way it should be. May God richly bless you all, and God Bless The South!

  11. Fugitive Agrarian

    Here is another practical way to put action to our assertions.

    Anybody familiar with the Southern Legal Resource Center? This is an organization which has gone to bat for the cause of southrons for years. The self and philanthropist funded, Kirk Lyons, esquire, has been proactivelt takes on the anti-symbolists. He has often employed the infamous, symbol-loving HK Edgerton in his pursuits.

    His last email appeals for us to spread the word through our social media outlets. If not suppressed by big tech, he believes this will garner a wholesome grass roots support. Maybe we could see some rallying for this cause like our No-thron, 18 wheeling neighbors got.

    Let’s at least spread the word, if not also offering financial support.

    • Stephen Clay McGehee

      Excellent point, sir! Here is a link to their website:

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