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More Strange Eggs

Right after the “no shell” egg, we had two tiny eggs. It’s not too unusual to see these, but two of them within a week is pretty unusual. The brown one is from a Rhode Island Red, and the green one is from an Araucana. For comparison, there is a normal sized egg next to the small ones.


  1. Brian E

    We raise Reds and Araucanas as well as we’ve also have seen the no shell egg as well as the occasional tiny eggs. For giggles I fried up the tiny one and it tasted like a little egg. The next time we got one we included it in a dozen we gave a friend as a novelty. They blew it out and kept it. Enjoy!

    • Stephen Clay McGehee

      Thanks for commenting, Brian. I’ve never tried to do anything with the strange eggs other than show them to folks.

      I’ve found the the Araucanas are great layers – a bit skittish to work with, but good layers.

  2. Joe

    Omne Vivum Ex Ovo.

    • Stephen Clay McGehee

      Latin for “All life (is) from life.”

  3. Joe

    @Stephen Clay McGehee
    With all due respect, “Omne vivum ex ovo ” means “Every living thing is from an egg”.

    • Stephen Clay McGehee

      Thanks, Joe. You’re right – I knew that Omne is everything, vivum is life, and ovo is egg. I just did a quick check on Wikipedia and “All llife (is) from life” is what I got. I took Latin in high school, but a combination of forty-plus years and not paying attention resulted in just taking their word for it. Again, thank you for the correction and the post!

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