Southern Agrarianism and the culture of the Old South

The Myth of The Self-Made Man

The idea of “White Privilege” holds that Whites have an unearned privilege solely because of their race. I must agree with that, but not for the reasons that Leftists have. The fact is, they have no reasons. They don’t want to think about it. They only want to say that we have privileges based on race that other races do not have. There is a reason for that – a very good reason.

It is all about reputation. Generations of civilized behavior is the reason for White Privilege. A society learns from experience, and that experience tells them that Whites, as a race, are a civilized people who can be trusted to adhere to the norms of a civilized society. That experience also tells a society that some other races are prone to uncivilized behavior. Of course there are individuals who are on the edges of the bell curve both for better and for worse. We’re talking about statistical groups rather than individuals.

The White Privilege that I benefit from is not of my own doing – it is inherited from my ancestors. Likewise, the White Privilege that my descendants will benefit from will not be from their own efforts, but from mine. We stand on the shoulders of giants – those who came before us.

We have a duty to continue living the kind of life that will ensure that our descendants are granted the same White Privilege that we enjoy.

As for other races? There is no reason not to start now. Today. An individual reputation takes many years to develop. A racial reputation takes many generations to develop. It’s not easy and there are no guarantees, but the alternative is to be forever envious of the privileged status of those who have it, and we see what a disaster that is. The choice is yours.


  1. John

    Sir, I’ve thought about this post for a while. I’ll throw in my .02 cents.

    We as Americans have taken the bait of an age old enemy. In the midst of confusion of 2 opposing parties, we’ve taken sides that have ultimately taken our minds off of the remedy to our problems. I don’t consider myself Democrat nor Republican. Both have done their damage and have became distractions and perveyors of a darker scheme that few tend to acknowledge. Instead, I consider myself as a 1776 Conservative.

    I use this this term under the understanding of what my Founding Fathers both understood and fought for to make America a free and sovereign nation. They understood the tactics of our enemy. They witnessed a tyrannical government and the dismissal of logic, rights and freedom which were leading up to a total dictatorship in which everyone became a slave. They understood that only by their Heavenly Father and the Lord Jesus Christ do we have freedom and liberty. And that He is final Authority of all things. They understood law and order was mandatory for maintaining such freedom and liberty. They knew that in order for such tyranny to stay at bay, the citizens had to abide by God’s laws and to keep their government in check. They sought the Lord and received the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. And since these living documents were given by God they could only be for a Godly people. And that America at heart was hinged upon these documents.

    What we experience today is a moral decline. Because we’ve lost sight of what happened in 1776. It has been said, ” In order to destroy a nation, sever it from it’s roots.” This is the very tactic being used against us and it’s working perfectly. “White privilege” is nothing more than another tactic. It’s nonsense. Everyone who wishes to come to America must understand 2 things: 1. be lawful 2. understand that you must prove your worthiness of citizenship. Not even the pilgrims were welcomed on the shores of America. They met their new land with sickness, hunger, uncertainty and a literal ton of other problems. But they persevered and overcame. How? The same tenacity as those in 1776. As they say, “freedom isn’t free.”

    This is a deep topic which could be discussed far more. But hopefully I’ve given the gist of it. I urge those who call themselves American to refrain from the sad circus that’s become our government and get back to the America we were intended to be. It’s not that America has to change with the times, it’s that America must not get involved in the snares and tricks of it’s enemies. And we can stay on track by looking back to the source of why we’re even here to begin with.

    • Stephen Clay McGehee

      Excellent points, John.

      One thing that so many people miss is they will describe themselves as being a “conservative” – and leave it at that. It is meaningless without specifying exactly what one wants to conserve. Does “conservative” mean that someone wants to “conserve” American society of the 1960’s? Probably not, but it illustrates the meaninglessness of the word without specifying what and when. By specifying you are a 1776 Conservative, it clearly states your beliefs and it ties them to a clear point in history.

      As for me, my reference point in history is just a few years later. I am a 1788 Conservative. For a good, brief discussion of what that means, see this post – That shapes how I look at society and culture and politics. When we look at most of Southern society from the antebellum period through about the 1940’s to 1950’s, we see a less formalized stratification that marked Western European culture up until 1789 (hence, I want to conserve what was prior to that date). That is a theme that underlies Southern Agrarianism. It is about having a place in society, and knowing that place and filling that role. It goes against everything in today’s politically correct world, and it takes time to carefully consider it before understanding comes about.

  2. Matt

    “A society learns from experience, and that experience tells them that Whites, as a race, are a civilized people who can be trusted to adhere to the norms of a civilized society.”

    I believe the Native Americans that we made treaties with, and then didn’t honor, would disagree with you.

    I personally don’t trust white people to be any more civilized, or adhere to civilized norms, better than any other race. This is probably because I don’t assume that “white” civilization is the only civilization, or that there exist large swaths of people of any “race” that are uncivilized.

    That view of white people being more civilized than other races is ignorant of reality and history. Hell, if we want to be realistic, the Japanese, Chinese, and Indians would be far more likely to exhibit civilized behaviors than any white society, mainly because they’ve been doing it for a lot longer than we have.

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