Whether you call it Preparedness or Self-Sufficiency or Survivalism or Self-Reliance or just plain old good common sense, it is a fundamental part of Southern Agrarianism. Perhaps not explicitly spelled out in the classic Southern Agrarianism works such as I’ll Take My Stand, being prepared to provide for your self and your family – no matter what happens around us – is as Southern Agrarian as the love of the land and kinship.

Focusing on preparedness is not something that we are going to focus on here (there are many other sites better suited to that), but some things are just too good to not pass along. That’s what this page is for.

The Grandpappy web site contains a wealth of information on a wide variety of topics. Be sure to read this summary of five different Shelf Life studies. Following are the direct links in case the Grandpappy page is not available:

Canned food study – FDA

Canned food study – US Army / Washington State University

• Dry food study – BYU / Provident Living

Dry food study – Science Daily

Dry food study – BePrepared.com