Southern Agrarianism and the culture of the Old South

Resilient Communities

The concept of Resilient Communities is one that resonates well with Southern Agrarianism. It is a new term for an old idea – the self-contained village. Some of the large Southern plantations came close to being a resilient community, but not quite. While at first glance, “resilient community” may sound like a fancy phrase for “hippie commune”, it definitely is not the same. Not even close. Take a look at this video about a resilient community in New Zealand to get a better idea of what a resilient community is.

For more information, see the Resilient Communities blog.


  1. Charles D Holt

    I appreciate your content and support your publishings. A southern Agrarian heritage is one of the most solid and internationally respected ‘cultures’ of the world.

    • Stephen Clay McGehee

      Thank you, Charles. It’s good to hear from you, and I appreciate the kind words!

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