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Smell The Roses

While our focus is on the vegetable garden and chickens, we try to keep things in perspective. God created roses and other things of beauty for a reason. They are for us to enjoy and to reflect on the great God who created them – and us.


  1. Wyandotte

    I don’t think God created the roses that most of us have in our gardens today. He created the original versions, which “we” (plant breeders) took and made larger. Better? Maybe, maybe not. Of course, none of this has stopped me from planting a couple of fragrant Double Couberts amongst my vegetables. Stephen, is that gorgeous rose in the picture yours? Hope so. You are fortunate.

    It’s like the giant cobs of corn (even the old fashioned nonhybrid Golden Bantam). The God-created corn (teosinte) was discovered by the natives of Mexico aeons ago, and partly through their care and breeding, we ended up with tasty sweet corn, eaten boiled. Not to mention a million acres of genetically modified field corn for stuffing down the gullets of doomed cows.

    • Stephen Clay McGehee

      Yes, that rose is planted along the fence that separates the chicken area (used to be the garden) from the rest of the yard. That green plastic mesh that you see there is to keep the dog from getting close enough to the chickens to harass them. The rail fence looks great, but unfortunately, several of the posts are rotting. Our plan is to replace that with a regular field fence with a board along the top.

      I’ll have to disagree with you on one point though. God created the original rose plant, but He also created everything else – including that which man has “tweaked” through selective breeding and genetic manipulation. Unless one can create something from absolutely nothing, then it was made by God. It’s like the story of the Darwinian who challenged God by saying he could demonstrate how life was created and evolved from nothing but dirt. The Darwinian started to place the dirt into the beaker in his lab, when God said, “No. You make your own dirt.”

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